Step 1: Concept

Some simple landscaping requirements may not require a formal written plan. Many landscaping improvements can be agreed at a site visit and client meeting. In this situation, call UrbanGreen and ask for a quote to be provided following the visit.

For more complex jobs, the concept is the first idea clients and designers talk over. The client should brief the designer on any features which should be included in the landscape. It is important to consider factors like sun, wind, children, pets, entertaining needs, preferred plantings and budget. A designer will charge a fee for this stage, particularly where a concept sketch or plan is completed.

At the end of the concept planning process, the designer can give the client a quote for producing working drawings.

bellerby 024.JPG

Step 2: Design

On completion of the landscape design, the designer will be able to provide the client with an estimate for the work to be completed. The working drawings will contain the necessary information to enable UrbanGreen to provide an itemized quote detailing the work involved and, assuming the quote is accepted, to complete the landscape project.

Step 3: Construction

UrbanGreen have professional landscape tradespeople, that pride themselves in producing quality work which stands the test of time.

UrbanGreen tradespeople follow designs and meet local authority rules and regulations. They have extensive knowledge of the industry and are equipped with all the necessary tools to finish the work to a high standard.

UrbanGreen takes pride in their work and guarantee the quality of their workmanship.